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If you had the time to train and manage another person, we’re guessing that you probably wouldn't be here.  How amazing would it be if you could simply drop that missing piece into your team?  Then when the project ends, you celebrate a job well done. No messy break-up. Like the perfect employee, but for commitment-phobes. And without the long recruitment process.

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If right now you’re thinking, “right, but our project is super complicated / obscure / sensitive / a giant raging dumpster fire," chances are, we’ve probably managed something similar.  Whether it’s app development, planning and executing a national running series, or giving your website a facelift, we can help.

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About You (and Us)

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Your website has needed a facelift for ages, but you're too busy to manage another project. You need to scale quickly, but you're uncertain about future demand. Your PM just requested leave, but you don't have time to train someone new.   Marketing and social should be a higher priority, but you aren't sure where to start.   You know you have a great team, but for some reason the project seems plagued with issues. You need Cake.

We specialize in creative projects and provide more than just Gantt charts and checklists.  Our approach is hands-on, and our Project Managers and Digital Producers are intuitive, empathetic, and decisive (hint: the qualities you're looking for, but can't quite put your finger on).  So, whether you need to scale quickly, fill a role temporarily, or need longer term support, we provide the flexibility and knowledge you need.

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