hi, i’m jessie.

  • My Story

    • the tower - back surgery changed my life trajectory

    • graduated into a recession with no “applicable job skills”

    • worked for terrible company after terrible company that only fed my imposter syndrome.

    • Found my unicorn team and life struck again. But this time, I felt calm. Calmer than I should have been.

    • universe gave me a kick in the ass - synchronicity. Realized why I had gone through everything and what brought me to this point.

  • My why:

    • I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through.

    • I don’t want women to settle or have to choose.

    • I want to show people that they can. And they should.

    • I want to empower people to claim what they deserve, build their own dreams, and create the life that they want.

Spinal Research Foundation
"We've Got Your Back" National Running Series

MOKO Social Media
REC*IT, BigTeams, REC*IT Fitness 

Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance
Founder + President

Adayana Government Group
Project + Marketing Management